Where the legendary saddle and bit maker continues
to blaze new trails into the 21st century.

Since our founding in 1870, the Visalia name has been synonymous with quality, comfort, durability and style.

Over the span of our 136 year history, Visalia Stock Saddle Co. has and always will use only the finest materials, top first grade leather and employ only the best craftsman available.

There was a saying among the cowboys of the old west:

“ If you don’t ride a Visalia, then you aint a real cowboy………………………….”

Visalia Stock Saddle Co. is an innovator. Many try to duplicate Visalia products.

Don’t be fooled by “Visalia style” or “Visalia like”-
Unless it carries the Visalia Logo or D.E. Walker stamp, it is not truly Visalia!

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